Nobody Ugly

Nobody Ugly

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This is a video music sang by Psquare and I am dedicating this video to all my fans out there especially the ladies.

Learn to trust and believe in yourself because you’re unique and beautifully created and that is why in the first chapter of the holy bible of the  book of Genesis, God after creating everything, He was pleased with what He created Why ? Because it was wonderful and beautiful.

So if you’re not beautiful in the eyes of your fellow human or you’re been intimidated, always look up to this bible verse and say to yourself, if God was actually pleased with what He created, then Why worry? Knowing perfectly you’re a product of God’s creation making you unique and beautiful.

Sometimes, when you go to a public places and you see how classic people dressed, do not be intimidated but rather appreciate yourself and say positive things to yourself.

Also in your place of work, always overlook certain things and try to put in your best in whatever you do.

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