3 Rules To Know Before Choosing Hair Extensions

hair extentions
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Ever in your life thought those long locks that the preferred actress flaunts around or on the screen could be a lie? Anyways, it could be to some extent since hair extensions are the thing now that somehow provide you with a much better hairstyle compared to your natural hair.

Here are some vital details about hair extensions that are definitely worth a look.

Hair extensions are also referred to as hair integrations. They are utilised to add to the volume and length of one’s hair. Hair extension are made of synthetic or natural hair. The Virgin natural hair extensions are the very best quality ( as well as priciest,) as the cuticle of the natural hair is conserved, and then all the hair goes in one path, giving it the best natural look. If you happen to be tight on your budget, synthetic hair extensions are a less expensive choice. Even if extensions are not an excellent choice for heating treatment options, they can be the optimum solution for already made hairstyles.

hair extentions

However, choosing of the appropriate weft or maybe hair extension requires lots of attention and care as selecting a wrong one would only signify excessive wastage of cash and time.


Here are the 3 essential rules which need to be remembered when selecting hair extensions :


  1. Consider your Lifestyle: the first rule that must always be on your list is picking an extension based on the type of lifestyle that you are leading. It is mere foolishness to select an extension just because you prefer it instead of considering how it would match your daily needs. You can choose pin-in extensions since utilising them is the easiest. Then, you can make use of tape extensions – they are held in place with sturdy (strong), invisible bi-adhesive premium tape that is undetectable to the touch; they last as long as two months.


  1. Get the Color Match: then Secondly, one essential point that requires all your concentration is the colour selection and also comparing it with the colour of your normal hair. Being off even by colour is a dead giveaway that you are putting on faux hair. The most appropriate technique is to colour match with the tips of your locks, not the hair roots, and opt for the colour that is the most prominent in your normal hair.


  1. Check on Quality: Synthetic extensions are the most cost-effective. However, they tangle very quickly and have a super high shine, making them look unnatural. Remy extensions are the most excellent quality. They are the closest to your natural hair, so they will hold styles as well as texture the same way and also will not drop or shed as much like the less expensive options. For clip-ins, find a silicone cushion on the clips to avoid tangles and even breakage.


Following these 3 easy and vital rules before deciding on the extension will help you in choosing which one is best for all your needs as well as an absolute grab for your money.