7 Technological Trends To Add To Your Business Startup In 2018 To Attract An Angel Investors

7 Technological Trends To Add To Your Business Startup In 2018 To Attract An Angel Investors

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Angel investment is rising, and startup needs to take advantage of all the opportunities available. Venture capitalists are on the search for business startups to put money into that are presently at the leading edge of tech innovation and then taking risks with these innovations trends.

You will find that investors are desperate to sink their dollars into these technological innovations to enable them to reap the future returns. Although the payoff could be huge for an angel investor, these technology trends will also assist your business startup to draw those financing dollars.

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7 Technological Trends To Attract An Angel Investors

1. Social Media

The usages of social media to improve your consumer game is a plus for investors trying to find business startups which are thriving in their customer engagement. Although social media is not a newbie tech, those with a powerful endgame will win big when it comes to product sales. Social media is proving itself to be the tech platform that links everyone together and then gives business startups the popularity they need ahead of time. Making use of social media to enhance your business in 2018 will be the solution to gaining funding from any investor as they know the advantages it offers to your customers.


2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new to the world, however for 2018, it is making substantial headway. By enabling organisations to perform more with less, AI will become an integral change in the manner an organisation does business at present and the future. Startups that incorporate AI into the fold will experience a difference in how they can carry out routine jobs, freeing them up to concentrate on their clients.

Angel investors view this as a win-win because they can invest in modern technology and also a new venture which leads the way with its use. Your enterprise startup will perform nicely by having AI as a part of your repertoire and also see more financing interest come to your path in 2018.



3. Cyber-Security

While the year 2017 was a year that a lot of people would never forget for its security breaches, this year offers a turn of events as startup incorporate or offer cybersecurity services to protect their consumer’s data. Business startups which make use of cyber-security to defend their firm or create goods and services for others that assist them to protect their data will do well in the following season. Angel investors will indicate interest in these efforts as the demand for secure data protocol is increasing without delay.


4. Blockchain

The blockchain is another technological innovation on the fringe ready to bust on to the game in a fury in 2018. It’s capability to provide a real-time ledger of financial transactions can give a startup the transparency it requires to get the nod of a venture capitalist hanging around in the wings. Your business start-up will reap the benefits of Blockchain’s power provide steady and error-free operations as angel investors benefit by investing in a tech which has proven its worth.


5. Internet of Things

It is evolving at a steady clip for the Year, and you will see IoT almost all over the place. With customers increasingly connected than ever, Internet of Things provides the opportunity for new services and products that improve IoT’s capabilities in your home, business, and also community. Angel investors are known about the draw of IoT and also how it is transforming the means customers communicate and live their lives. Trust in the Internet of Things as a way to draw venture capitalists and even secure financing in 2018.

startup, angel investors, business startup

6. Big Data

Data is all over the place nowadays, and it will only expand this coming year. Business startups like yours can make use of big data to recognise all aspects, detail, and also nuance of your clients so that you can create products and services they want. Make use of big data to improve your business startup operations as well as stay tuned for investors to come calling with a lot of interest and also fanfare about your business this year.



7. Virtual Reality (VR)

This tech gives you the capability to engage with your clients in a new and thrilling way. Via a more suitable customer experience, Virtual Reality can help your enterprise to boost its customer numbers, and even its sales revenue as Virtual Reality enhances workflow as well as access to consumers all over your field. Angel investors want in on AR as an excellent investment chance, and your business startup will draw their attention at this point and the long term with this technology at your helm.


Integrating one of these technologies in your enterprise startup proves a strong sense of knowledge and move to boost your customer base as well as profits in 2018 and the coming years. This Angel investor want to get their hands wet with this modern technology so they can be where the progress is with these trends.

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