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Many relationships have been overemphasized with the phrase “We have been dating for four years, six years, or even God knows when” ‘and now it seems am not good enough for him, he left me after all I did for him, he dumped me after going through series of abortion for his sake’. The question is not “How Long, but How Much Connection???.

Over 35% of young ladies today are baby mamas, who bore a child or children out of wedlock, 30% are denied by men responsible for their babies, while 5% cohabits with men, only 3% of which, having future together with their men.

The Chemistry of a true relationship, dating or courtship is Connection. The constant and irresistible flow of mental, emotional and social connection between both parties, does the job of a counselor and a psychotherapist in the head and mind of both parties. It might interest you to know that the connection between lovers is been established by alluring words, carelessly caring actions, less regarded beautiful behaviours and less needed kind attitudes, which the heart accepts and it serves as data, processed by the mind and gives the result of a beautiful illumination and strong affection; then the information is keyed into the database of the soul. Therefore when such or similar gestures or actions are exhibited, it establishes a connection in both party’s minds, reading their mindsets and producing more beautiful thoughts and hope in each other.

When misunderstanding and hard times occur, it is the flow of connection already established that reinforces the emotions, thereby drawing the hearts closer, making them stick together, forgives and reunites. Anything one says or does carefully or carelessly in a relationship reinforces in time coming, playing roles in the connection of the minds.

Moreover, the ability to sustain a beautiful conversation and brainstorming on tactical issues, rendering psychological solutions and ideas connects a woman more to an inclined man. A man is a being that is naturally faced with challenges and issues on daily basis, either in office, workshop, business, with friends, even in the family, hence needs psychological support and ideas and would be more strengthened if it comes from his woman.

Biblically from the garden of Eden, Eve was made from Adam’s rib for the primary aim of helping him (in all things). Most women have less to offer their men except sexual satisfaction, child bearing and heaps of troubles and misunderstandings then openmindedly expecting trailer loads of care, concern, love and support from their men. Therefore when a woman doesn’t have any psychological solution to offer to a man’s problems, the connection fails. Every woman wants Mr Right, some wants to be corrected a million times without the man getting tired of them and their unchangeable flaws. NB: Only one man can accept you the way you are, and that one man is your biological father, anything else apart from that, you have to build a connection with the man of your dreams, in other to ensure compatibility.

Modernization, civilization, westernization and gender mainstreaming have played major roles in knocking women out of their relationships. The ladies mostly thinks that they are equal to men and don’t have the right to declare their wants, needs and desires in a relationship, forgetting the fact that man is naturally above every other creature as ordained by God. The influence of western life has eaten deep the psycho of most women that they forget their primary responsibilities as women and focus on what a man can do for them.

Gone are the days when it was believed that all men are the same, they are no more the same, many have woken up to responsibilities, many have played the game of love, tasted the pepper and salt and decides to quit the flames and glamour of sexual enjoyment. Most women reject good men, choose bad boys in the name of swag, get disappointed and blame all men to be the same, this is so because of their inability to connect.

In every 24 hours of the day with your man, what else can you offer him except food and sex? Can you be a replica of your man? Can you brainstorm with him?. The ability of a woman to have sex with his man mentally, morally, socially, emotionally, and not just physically makes both souls inextricable. It is the perfect connection of both minds that make couples believe in metaphysics by saying “Even In Next World, We’ll Still Be Together”.

A Perfect Connection Of Both Souls Causes The Law of Universe To Work In Their Favour.

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