Get A Business Not A Job.

It is a natural phenomenon for human beings to desire for work, in other to have an identity, personality, career, profession and most importantly earn a living. As life goes on, individuals live at their own expense. Paying bills, spending on food, clothing, traveling, schooling, and helping others if possible.…

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NIGERIA AND DIGITIZATION, TILL WHEN??? The inception and fervent need for digitization in the world’s system and affairs have been long sketched and systematically categorized in the most modern and civilized format by computer scientists which encompasses economic, political, academic, historical, medical, entertainment, communication, transportation, agricultural and administrative purposes; and…

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Tips for Growing a Small Business

To succeed running a small business; it is crucial to have significant organizational as well as planning skills and also have a flexible approach to work. Prior to starting a brand new business enterprise, it is essential to invest the time in initial planning before opening the doorways. Here are…

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